Healing & reconciling our grief is the greatest gift we can give to ourselves - and to one another.

Practical grief recovery for those who are ready to live - even after loss.
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Grief is part of life. We can live with, through and beyond it.

There’s not one of us who gets to live a life free from grief. And yet when it inevitably finds us, we’re ill equipped to deal with the impacts. 

I’m Denise Mosher and many people call me a grief sherpa. 

I help folks navigate their way through and past their grief so that they can live in joy while honouring the passing of their loved one.  


Grief can be the result of:

  • A bereavement of a loved one (including pet loss) 
  • A lost dream
  • Letting go of the person you thought you were going to be


There’s wonderful news – Grief does not have to be a life sentence of pain, suffering and confusion. 

And you are not alone. The courage to come to life again is deep inside you wanting to come out – if you only knew how – and that’s what I can help you to do. 

If you are hurting and need healing, find yourself in the darkness and need someone to show you the light, or are holding onto grief that is weighing you down, contact Denise Mosher. I am confident in her skills and abilities, and her services are absolutely worth your time and energy.

Becky D.

(Veteran, Mother, Small Business Owner)

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About Denise Mosher

About Me

Learn more about me, my journey and why I’m uniquely called to do this work.

Grief Recovery

Grief Recovery

Recovering from grief is possible - you don't have to wait just for time to do the healing

About Denise Mosher

Pet Loss

Losing a beloved pet is a unique sort of grief - one that I know well and can help you with.

Don't Wait Any Longer

Time alone with not heal your broken heart. Let's book a time to talk about how I can help you.